Roccia, STRETCHY WRAP, [100% cotton]

Stretchy wrap

is similar to the woven one, but is recommended rather for smaller children (up to 9-10 kilos).

Stretchy wraps for babies, unlike woven wraps, are made of knit fabric.

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  • €39.00
  • NATIBABY stretchy wraps are easy to tie and they adjust to the baby's body. They are thin, gentle and very soft - simply made for your fragile baby.
  • Spreading material widely on your shoulder allows you to carry your baby comfortably, also during longer walks.
  • NATIBABY stretchy wrap is a perfect invention allowing for discreet breastfeeding, also in public places.
  • Each edge of a wrap is in a different colour, which is important for correct and easy tying. Because of each NATIBABY sling is sold together with an instruction, learning the tying methods is easy.
  • Additionally, sling's edges are protected, as they are tucked up with a special machine. This protects the wrap from curling, rolling and stretching of the edges under the pressure of the baby's weight, which often happens in case of traditional hemming of the, stretchy wraps.
  • The yarn is dyed before it is knitted into the fabric. This bounds the dye better to the fiber which in turn makes it more durable, more resistant to wear and washing compared to single colour materials. This technology is also more expensive than manufacture of a single colour knitted fabric, but the visual effect and quality are worth the cost.

Blend: 100% Cotton