What are the benefits of carrying babies?

Why is it worth carrying children?

A wrap is an exceptionally comfortable and practical way to carry children! It won't bother you with buckles, straps, etc., and the child's weight is evenly distributed on the parent's shoulders, back, and stomach, so you don't have to worry about back or shoulder pain. With a wrap, you can take your child with you wherever you go, without worrying about the problems encountered when walking with a stroller.
Thanks to the wrap, you always have your child close to you, so you can respond to their needs faster! If your child has trouble falling asleep, carrying them in a wrap will be the perfect solution for you! Rocking while carrying in a wrap calms the child and helps them fall asleep, and you can have them with you while doing other activities at the same time.
Natibaby wraps are not only a great help in parenting but also wonderfully enrich your wardrobe! Original patterns and many colors will allow you to find something for yourself for every occasion!

Help in Development

Closeness is essential for the proper development of children. Newborns, especially premature babies, carried in wraps have an easier time adapting to the environment outside the mother's womb. Additionally, carried children see from the same level as you, not the ceiling as is the case when lying in a crib or stroller. This helps them become independent faster, and their physical, psychosocial, and intellectual development is quicker.
The special weaving method of Natibaby wraps ensures a unique fit to the child's body, which affects both the development and the mood of the child, as rocking and the closeness of an adult develop a sense of security and trust in children. They are much happier then.

Healthy Child, Happy Parent

Carrying a child in a wrap provides them with a gentle massage and warmth, which eliminates constipation and severe colic pain. The wrap is also the best choice due to the physiological rounding of the spine in infants. A child carried in a wrap assumes a natural fetal position, which supports their proper development.
Studies have shown that children who are carried cry 43% less on average during the day and 54% less in the evening.

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