Sling sizes


We offer Natibaby wraps in two sizes:

  • 4.6m (Standard)
  • 5.2m (Maxi)

Many slings offered on the website are also available in other than mentioned lengths. Please note that shorter wraps than standard size may not be not possible to tied up slings in every way presented in the manual instruction.


Which sling size is the best for me?

If you want to choose the proper Natibaby sling size we recommend to check what clothes size you wear.


The table below presents clothes sizes and corresponding Natibaby sling sizes:


  Woman Man
Standard (4,6 m)
to 42 to 50
Maxi (5,2 m)
44, 46, 48 52, 54
5,6 m, 6,0 m
50 and more

56 and more


Attention: Sometimes two or more people are going to use the same Natibaby sling, while the table shows they should have different sling sizes. In such a case we recommend to choose the larger sling size. It protects against the sling being too short for the larger person which could prevent them form using all the tying methods.

Even if the height difference between the people is significant and the smaller person has unused fragments of the sling, then it is enough to wrap the fragments around his/her body again.


If the table suggest you need a 5,6 m or 6,0 m of the Natibaby sling, please contact us on email

At the moment the delivery time for individual orders takes longer because the sling has to be individually produced.

Since cotton shrinks after washing, we produce the NATI slings a little longer.



We offer four sizes of ring slings:

  • S (1.8 - 2.0 m)
  • M (approx. 2.0 m)
  • L (2.2 - 2.25 m)
  • XL (approx. 2.3 m)


How should I know which size to choose?

  1. Measure the distance (circumference) from your shoulder to the hip on the opposite side (diagonally).
  2. Calculate the length of the tail according to the following formula: Length of the sling (2.0 m for M size, 2.25 m for L size, etc.) + 7 cm - your circumference (measured as described in point 1) = length of the tail
  3. Place a measuring tape between your collarbone and breast (this is the place rings should be located in a properly placed sling) and let the tape fall down loosely. This lets you see where the tail would end. It is preferable when the tail ends between your waist and your thigh, but some people prefer a longer tail (e.g. one that ends down at a knee). If the tail is not reaching your waist, you should make the calculations again for a bigger size.