Baby Carriers

Baby Carriers

Our baby carriers are very comfortable for both - parent and child.

  • You can carry your baby at the front and at the back.
  • The ergonomic baby carriers successfully passed all the durability testing and are compliant with the strict Polish and European safety standards for children’s products.
  • Each Natibaby carrier is an ergonomic carrier.
  • All Natibaby carriers are made entirely from wrap fabrics.
  • Fabrics are dyed and woven only in European Union according to the rigorous ecological certificate. All the other additional elements used in the manufacture of the baby carriers are carefully selected.
  • The Natibaby carriers are manufactured in Poland.
  • All the carriers come with an illustrated and detailed user manual.

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NatiGrow baby carrier grows with the child. The length and width adjustable panel allows it to be adapted to the current height of the child and is sufficient for the entire period of wearing. If the child is approx. 6-8 months old, it is best to choose the Classic size, if it is about a year or more, we recommend the Classic + size, and for over two-year-old children, the Preschool size. Such selected sizes will allow the use of the carrier for many months and years without the risk of the child growing out.

NatiGo baby carrier has a simple structure and a fixed size panel. It is convenient, easy to use and takes up little space.

Onbuhimo carrier does not have a waist belt, thanks to which it allows you to place the child higher on the parent's back than in NatiGrow or NatiGo. This is useful when the parent is tall and the child is quite small. Thanks to this, the child's head is at the height of the parent's neck, and not in the middle of the back, as in classic carriers with a hip belt. It is recommended for pregnant women and for summer.

Onbuhimo Grow baby carrier also allows you to adjust the height and width of the panel, so that the child does not grow out of it too quickly. This reduces the risk of choosing the wrong size of the carrier.

Half Buckle baby carriers are similar in structure to the classic NatiGo and NatiGrow carriers, but instead of shoulder straps fastened with buckles, these carriers have wider straps crossed at the front and ties on the back. This allows for additional adjustment of the support of the child's spine and legs.

Half Buckle Grow carriers are built much like the classic Half Buckle except for the adjustable panel that grows with the child, similar to NatiGrow and Onbuhimo Grow.

Mei Tai carriers don't have buckles. Both the hip belt and the shoulder straps are tied, which allows the material to be adjusted to the size of the child and the wearer.

If you still don't know which carrier is best for you, we recommend our blog: What is the best baby carrier for me? Baby carrier comparison.

If you need another product made of these fabrics (like bags, carriers, slippers, blankets etc.) contact us.