Care Instructions

Information on how to wash and take care of your NATIBABY wraps and slings


care instrukcions

Washing and caring of your wrap/sling depends on raw materials used to produce them.

No matter what is the composition of you wrap/sling, there are some important rules you should follow:

  1. First, each sling/wrap should be washed at 30 °C (cold), 40 °C (warm) or 60 °C (hot), depending on maximum allowed washing temperature for a specific sling/wrap. You should not try on or use the sling/wrap before first washing. This is because, your sling/wrap must shrink to its designed length and its designed weaving density.
  2. Sling/wrap should be washed in small amount of washing powder for babies. Using laundry liquid makes fiber too slippery, which, in some slings and wraps, may cause the threads to move during tying and tightening.
  3. Try to avoid washing the sling/wrap together with clothes with zippers or other sharp elements, as those may catch on the sling/wrap or pill the sling's/wrap's material.
  4. To avoid pilling of the sling/wrap, we suggest that you rather have a full load of your washing machine. This will protect your sling/wrap from milling about too much and rubbing against other clothes or slings/wraps during washing.
  5. It is worth to pay some attention to sweaters, fleece or jackets worn on top of your sling/wrap. Sharp edges of your zipper, heavy duty thread used in the inner side of your jacket (especially for pockets) may pill your sling/wrap in those places.

Bamboo viscose cannot be drenched too long. The maximum time of drenching and rinsing exceed 40-50 minutes.

Silk is sensitive to sunlight and this is why silk blend slings and wraps should be dried in shade and stored in dark place.

The most common damage of a sling/wrap with wool (merino wool, cashmere etc.) occurs in the process of unintended felting Wool felting is caused by three factors:

  1. Higher temperature. Because of this, you should wash your wool blend sling/wrap in a temperature not higher than 30 °C (cold wash).
  2. Operation of detergents with alkaline or acid reaction. This is the reaction of, among others, washing powders and laundry liquids. Amounts usually used for washing are not dangerous to the sling/wrap, but, of course, it is better to use small amounts of those detergents.

It is more appropriate to use dete

rgents of alkaline reaction then acid reaction, as the acid environment causes the wool to crush. Therefore, please avoid using e.g. citric acid to remove stains.

  1. The textile's mechanical mashing process. Wool blend sling/wrap may felt if you wash it in a low (cold) temperature, but with small load of your washing machine. The sling/wrap has a lot of space then, which makes it "mill about and mash". In general, we rather suggest to hand wash the wool blend sling/wrap, but we know that many parents take the risk and wash them in a washing machine on a "hand wash" cycle with good results. If you decide to venture this method, please remember to have full load of your washing machine by adding other clothes and/or slings and wraps. 

Detailed information is presented on the labels attached to the wraps/slings, e.g.:


wasching instrukcion