How to choose the proper size of a baby carrier

When choosing the size of NatiGrow or NatiGo carrier, the panel's height is the most important.

To make the baby carrier safe and comfortable, the panel should reach up to the child's neck, minimum to the height of his armpits, as shown in the picture. To determine what height of the panel we need, it is best to put the child on your waist as shown in the picture and measure the distance between your body (point A) and the height of the child's arms (distance A-B) and the base of the child's neck (distance A-C).

NatiGo carriers have a fixed panel height. It is best to buy a size which panel height reaches the base of the child's neck. As the child grows, the upper part of the panel will reach lower and lower to the height of the armpits. So chosen carrier is enough for a long time.

NatiGrow baby carriers have adjustable height of the panel. If we buy a size which lowest height corresponds to the distance A-C (from our body to the base of the child's neck), then as the child grows, we can lengthen the panel. Such a carrier we can use longer than the carriers without the adjustment. In general, with a well-chosen size, the NatiGrow carrier is sufficient for the end of the wearing period.