Frequently Asked Questions
What is meant by the slogan "special offer"?
 "Special offer”  wraps have  some inequality in the weaving, borrowing or small stains. These imperfections do not interfere with  wearing baby, not conspicuous after forming the wrap  and pose no threat to the safety of the child. With regard to the ring sling NATI Ring stitching arm and wheels are a little different than those presented in the pictures. These scarves are folding and stitching circles the size of L. This change was made under the influence of several months of tests conducted slings NATI Ring on the internet forum. Stitching pleated slings and big wheels were considered to be the most comfortable of all possible.

What are the forms of payment, method of delivery and shipping?
For more information please visit: https://www.natibaby.com/webpage/payment-delivery.html

Does color affect the "carrying capacity" scarves?
Color does not affect the sling load, rather it depends on the thickness of the sling and additives with which it is woven. Flexible scarves are designed for newborns - weight to 12 kg. Woven scarves are the most versatile and can be worn from baby’s birth to 16 kg.

What are the weaves of slings?
All Nati stripe slings and eko slings have a cross-weave skew.