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Parents give NATIBABY slings and wraps the highest marks among Polish slings and wraps.

NATI slings and wraps receive the highest marks among Polish brands from parents on - the top Polish babywearing forum.

Average marks for NATIBABY wraps given by parents; scale: 1-5 or 2-5:
4.6 4.8 4.8 4.8 5.0 5.0*)

(Wraps: Pearl, Greece, bamboo Diamond, Stripped, and other)

The highest average marks for other Polish wraps:
2.9 3.4 3.8 4.0*)

Compared to other slings and wraps, NATIBABY slings and wraps are valued for their softness, carrying comfort, detailed instructions, durability, colour selection and other advantages. Slings and wraps do not discolour.

*) Comparison was made based on 381 single marks provided by parents; the data were collected in the period from 2007 till 17th June 2010 in the "Slings and wraps reviews" section of the independent forum.




All materials used for slings and wraps are 100% dyed and knitted in the European Union according to the rigorous ecological certificates.


To produce a wrap, we do not use generally available knit fabrics; all materials are produced in accordance with formulas designed by the company. This results from the fact that vast majority of cotton materials in common use is made from cotton scrap, and dyes applied very rarely have baby-friendly certificates. If we talk about quality, materials for NATIBABY stretchy wraps are a rarity in textile industry.


We control each manufacturing stage precisely.


The market sees more and more cheap wraps made of flannel, bed linen or clothing fabrics.


Parents on internet fora are unanimous: such savings will not pay. Non-genuine wrap does not tighten like a genuine one, it is not as safe for the baby and does not provide so much carrying comfort.


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Materials for NATIBABY slings and wraps are manufactured in accordance with technical parameters specifically designed by NATIBABY specialists based on many years of experience.

Type of yarn, it's thickness, degree of twist, weaving density, type of dyes and weave (structure) are specifically selected to meet the requirements of comfortable and safe babywearing.
All those parameters are completely different if we take fabrics used for bed linen or clothing. Such fabrics are not designed for heavy duty such as carrying a 10-kilo baby or forceful tightening of the fabric.



  • NATIBABY slings and wraps fabrics have specifically selected weaving density and yarn thickness.

NATI wrap, like second skin, adapts to the shape of the baby's body and uniformly supports baby's spine along its entire length. It also prevents the wrap from cutting into the caregiver's arms or under baby's knees.

  • NATIBABY wraps are made with special weave

providing proper stretching of the material, which is crucial for correct support of the baby's spine and comfortable spreading of the weight on shoulders of the carrying person. Those are cross twill weaves or precisely selected diamond and jacquard weaves. For bedding and clothing fabrics the simple linen weave is usually used. Wraps woven this way do not receive favorable reviews.

  • NATIBABY slings and wraps are manufactured from long-fiber combed or carded cotton,

which provides for long lasting use of a sling/wrap and high durability. NATIBABY slings and wraps can sustain loads of 600-1000 kilos.

For bedding materials and flannel the so-called "BW" cotton is used, i.e. the cotton waste that is obtained in a production of long-fiber cotton. Such waste is composed of very short fibers, and, as a result, the endurance of the textile is even several times lower than endurance of NATIBABY slings and wraps. Use of flannel for such purpose is particularly hazardous, as it is made of cotton waste and then additionally teased, that is the surface of already weak fibers is ripped in order to obtain the "peach skin" effect. Unfortunately, there are known cases in Poland of cheap wraps which were torn due to the baby's weight.


In 2005 the institute which grants "baby safe" certificates, located in Lodz, Poland, refused to grant safety certificates for wraps made of such fabrics.

  • NATIBABY slings and wraps are dyed in accordance with Oeko-Tex standard 100 certificate

    which is much more rigorous, as far as the chemicals used are concerned then the "children safe" certificate (this certificate applies for older children, not the newborns) or even the "baby safe" certificate.


We are parents ourselves and we understand that we all want to give our children only things that are healthy, safe and comfortable - the best to make it short. This is why in our business we are driven by "100% quality" rule.

  • We offer jacquard wraps, ring slings, nursing tops and baby bed linen.
  • NATI wraps from NATIBABY have been awarded the first place in "Baby accessories" category in a voting among "Dziecko" magazine readers during The 2008 Best Baby Product Poll.




The most important information concerning the quality of NATIBABY slings and wraps:

  • NATIBABY wrap has been tested in accordance to the requirements of the PN-EN 13209-2:2005 standard (soft carriers).
  • Both textiles and final products are controlled by accredited laboratories.
  • In order to keep up with the highest quality standards, the textile production and the sewing of the slings and wraps take place within European Union.
  • NATIBABY wrap was created under supervision of experts and in accordance with rigorous physical and chemical parameters.
  • We use the highest quality natural, 100% cotton yarn and safe dyes that are free from toxins, heavy metals, and other harmful substances.
  • NATIBABY wraps gained recognition both in Poland and in many countries all over the world. Sales network includes many countries of the Western Europe as well as North America.

Features of NATIBABY wraps:

  • Special weaves (including, among others, cross twill) ensure proper stretch of the fabric, evenly supporting the entire spine and baby's head.
  • NATIBABY are among the thinnest and "breathable" wraps, which makes them comfortable also in warmer days and in the summer.
  • Wrap tested in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13934-1 standard, sustains a load of a few hundred kilos.
  • It is soft and nice so that the baby feels cozily, like in mommy's belly.
  • Middle of the wrap is marked and makes tying easier.
  • It carries the baby's weight perfectly, does not cut into the skin; baby does not sink into it; it is easy to tie; the knot is small and neat. That is why users of NATIBABY slings and wraps emphasize the products' comfort.