Maybe a ring sling?


Most parents who start the adventure of babywearing choose a woven wrap. This is a classic type of wrap that will never go out of style. However, there is an alternative to the standard wrap - a ring sling, which can be a great help in everyday life. Quick and easy to put on - this is how you can describe a ring sling. This is another great thing that makes life easier for parents. Let's not hide, with children, any help will be useful.

Natibaby ringsling Natibaby ringsling



This type of wrap is ended on one side with two rings through which the wrap is threaded. The sling is threaded through the rings first and the excess material is tightened when the child is inside. Simple? Banal. You do not need too much to properly tangle the sling, especially with older children.

It is undoubtedly a sling for special tasks. Do you need a wrap that you wear quickly? A sling that you can always take with you without adding an another kilogram to carry in your purse? Do you have a problem with walking a dog with a small child, picking up older siblings from kindergarten, jumping to the store for a moment or doing a single homework? For parents who are still on the run and need to do it with their children in their arms, a ring sling can become a best friend.

This simplicity of preparation the sling undeniably speaks for the purchase of a ring sling, but if you are not convinced, we will list a few more advantages.

  1. In a ring sling children can be carry from the first day of life, babies weighing 3-15 kg.
  2. The ring sling has only one binding, which allows us to carry a child in three positions. For newborns and children who do not yet hold the head on their own, a cradle position is intended, it is a horizontal position, the child feels the closeness of the parent, warmth, is wrapped by a wrap and hugged to the parent, and he needs nothing more. For babies from 4-5 months old and older children there are two more positions, so-called hip carry and tummy to tummy position. In both cases, the child is upright. The hip carry is most liked by children, the child in a sling "sits" on the side of the parent, has great visibility to explore the world and also feels safe in parent's arms.
  3. It is a good solution also recommended for babywearing beginner, for whom the standard wrap seems too complicated. A ring sling is a good start to enter the world of babywearing.
  4. The ring sling is small, measuring less than half of the standard wrap. Thanks to this, you can easily take it with you anywhere. It will fit into most women's handbags, which are known to have no bottom :).
  5. The price of a ring sling is attractive, because it uses less material than for a woven wrap.


Natibaby ringsling Natibaby ringsling


What to look for ?

There are several things that you should pay attention to when buying a ring sling, i.e. the size of the sling, the type of sewing the rings, the shoulder on which it will be worn.


Natibaby's offer includes four sizes of ring slings: S, M, L and XL. The number of sizes was dictated by the needs of our clients, for whom the standard size (M) was not perfect.

The most accurate way to choose the size of a ring sling is by calculating written here: baby sling and wraps sizes

However, for people who prefer a faster way to check the size, we present approximate sizes of clothes and heights to individual sizes of ring slings:

  • Size S for slim figure people (women's clothing size 36 and smaller and height below 170 cm). Ring Sling size S length is about 1.80 m
  • Size M - the most popular size of a ring sling, about 2.0 m long, for women wearing clothes from size 36 to 40 and height in the range 165-180 cm
  • Size L - with a length of about 2.20 m adapted for ladies wearing clothes in the range of 40-46
  • Size XL - about 2.30 m long adapted for mothers wearing clothes size over 46

The names of the size of the sling can suggest us the right size for us, if we wear the size S, the size S of the ring sling will most likely be suitable.


Type of sewn the rings

The sling rings are sewn in two ways, we divide them into gathered and pleated shoulder sewing. Both types have their supporters, but the most popular is pleated shoulder. The fabric is evenly distributed on the wearer's shoulder, which is very important, because the entire weight of the child rests on one parent's shoulder.


Gathered shoulder Natibaby ringsling Pleated shoulder Natibaby ringsling
Gathered shoulder Pleated shoulder


Which arm

Often the parent chooses the shoulder on which she/he is more likely to carry baby in a ring sling. For some models, if they have an irregular pattern, e.g. in animals, trees or fairy-tale characters, it is important where the bottom is and where the top of the wrap pattern. Then, when buying, choose on which arm the rings of the sling will be located.


Natibaby ringsling Natibaby ringsling

If we put such sling on the other shoulder, the picture will be "upside down".


Natibaby ringsling

Regular patterned slings do not matter on which shoulder we wear.