Ring slings
Simple design, ease to use, small size, a pocket closed with a Velcro. All those features make you love the NATI Ring Sling. Nati Ring is a perfect addition to a wrap. It is easy and quick to put on; a perfect solution for both a slow walk and a quick shopping, very useful during many house chores.

Most of Nati Ring colour versions have edges in different colours, which makes adjusting easier.

Nati Ring Sling is suitable for a newborn to be carried in a “cradle” position and also in upright positions from the 4th-5th month of age.

Together with Nati Ring Sling, you will get the instruction full of photographs and descriptions.

S≈ 1,7-1,9m

M≈ 2,0m

L≈ 2,2m