Seersucker bedding

Seersucker bedding


1. Inner pillow (40 X 60 cm)

2. Quilt (100 X 130 cm)

3. Pillowcase with zipper (40 x 60 cm)

4. Quilt cover with zipper (100 x 130 cm)

5. Bed skirt (flat sheet with ruffle and additional frill) of unique design. Apart from the covering ruffle, the bed skirt has also an additional lovely frill that can be placed up or down. The frill in upright position covers the mattress when the bed skirt is placed under the mattress. It is very useful, as the colour scheme of a terry fitted sheets and the bed linen do not always fully agree simply because they are dyed by different manufacturers. You may cover the mattress with this special frill and add more charm to the bed linen. Placing the frill down makes it an additional decoration of the bed linen, especially when you place the sheet on top of the mattress. The ruffle height is 30 cm, the additional frill is 10 cm, so it can cover also a thicker mattress.

6. NATIBABY swaddling blanket is slightly strengthened with removable coconut padding. The blanket padding is very useful as it protects your baby from waking up when you put it back to the cradle after feeding.

7. NATIBABY hanging pocket organizer has numerous practical pockets and adjustable belts to mount it on the bed cod. This allows to install the organizer on both narrow rail alongside the baby cod bed, and thicker arches so often used in baby cod beds.

8. NATIBABY bumper pad was designed having your baby development in mind. Older babies are often unsettled while asleep, changing position, stirring, and bumping against the bed cod bars. Standard bumper pads are not enough then. NATIBABY bumper pad is designed so that you can protect the whole inside space of the bed cod with just two of those bumpers.

9. NATIBABY bed canopy, size: 160 x 230cm. It makes a beautiful decoration of the baby bed cod and practical protection from draughts, flies, or mosquitoes.

10. NATIBABY swaddle wrap differs from most standard swaddle wraps available on the market. It is slightly strengthened with removable coconut padding. The blanket padding is very useful as your baby is less likely to wake up when you put it back to the craddle after feeding.

11. Canopy Bow

12. Curtain