Passion with babywearing


Many times have been written about the undeniable advantages of carrying children in baby wraps, slings and baby carriers. With a parent, the child feels safe, can explore the world feeling the closeness of the parent, who is his or her rock. Natibaby baby wraps, slings and baby carriers are designed in such a way that childdren feel good, comfortable and safe in it. Thanks to this, mothers can feel relax and immerse themselfs in their interests.


Everyone can dance

Dance is a passion for many mothers. As you can see, you can dance with your children, dance is even recommended! When you dance with your child, he or she can learn movements and rhythm, rocking reminds of a carefree time in his or her mother's womb, dance affects movement coordination and sense of balance. When we dance and spend time actively than endorphins release (happiness hormone), thanks to which we have more energy.
Children are the greatest dance partners in the world!

dance in baby wraps


Sounds of music

baby wrap and piano

Since birth, children are able to recognize their mother's voice. This is because they know it from the prenatal period. Due to the fact that babies cannot see clearly until the first year of life, sounds become an important stimulus. That’s why a soothing mother's lullaby can quickly calm the baby down. Calm music and gentle swaying in a baby wrap, sling or carrier can be great help in times of anxiety. 

Music greatly affects the child's development. Through frequent contact with music children  recognize sounds faster and are willing to create their own melodies, learning songs develops memory and concentration.

baby wrap and music


Together on the trail

Babywearing can also be inspiring and entertaining for older siblings. The appearance of a baby does not have to limit the family who likes active rest. Baby carriers, baby wraps and slings allow us to go on trips with the family wherever the pram cannot cope :-).

trip with a baby carrier baby wrap and family


Regardless if it’s dance, playing instruments, walking and hiking, the child does not have to be an obstacle to developing interests. If we invite our children in our passions, we can share our enthusiasm with them and help them to develop naturally.
Thanks to babywearing, we have free hands and the whole world is waiting for us with open arms.